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The Ranch

McKee’s Sky Ranch – The Sky’s The Limit

Atop the Appalachian Mountains, located in the small town of Terra Alta – meaning ‘high ground’ – ‘McKee’s Sky Ranch’ is accompanied by beautiful views of mountains and lakes. Having over 200 acres of land the possibilities are limitless.
With lush Springs, mild Summers, colorful Autumns and Winter wonderlands The Sky Ranch never fails to impress. There are countless opportunities with our 5 miles of woodland trials, vintage motocross track and working farm. The Sky Ranch’ lends itself well, to a wide range of possibilities from, primitive relaxation to, social events, motor sport events, and corporate opportunities. Always remember ‘The Sky’s the Limit.’

‘The Sky Ranch’ is strategically located within a 3 hour drive of one third of the United States’ population. We are located just 12 miles off of a major US interstate and 45 miles away from the intersection of I68 and I79.

Once you have arrived at ‘The Sky Ranch’ accommodations and recreational activities are abundant.